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  • Our Mission

    It is the mission of the San Andreas Highway Patrol & Department of Public Safety to provide the highest level of safety, service, and security to the people of San Andreas. This is accomplished through our five departmental goals:

    ~ Prevent loss of life, injuries, and property damage
    ~ Maximize service to the public and assistance to allied agencies
    ~ Manage traffic and emergency situations
    ~ Protect public and state assets
    ~ Improve departmental efficiency

    • Our Vision

      To be a trusted leader in law enforcement ensuring San Andreas is the safest place to live and travel


    • Highway Patrol's Specialized Bureaus'

      Air and Coastal Operations (BACO): Vacant A.

      The San Andreas Highway Patrol Bureau of Air and Coastal Operations is formed of unique and specialized units that strive to provide assistance to law enforcement agencies and the general public. This assistance can be provided through aerial assets, vessels, and even all-terrain vehicles.

      Special Operations (BSO): Vacant B.

      The Bureau of Special Operations is an elite unit within the San Andreas Highway Patrol tasked with interdiction and enforcement of illegal activities and persons, focused on the vast highway networks throughout the state of San Andreas. 

      Transportation and Enforcement (BTE): Vacant C.

      The Bureau of Transportation and Enforcement strives to enforce the various traffic laws in order to promote safety across the roadways of San Andreas. This is exercised through sobriety tests, speed enforcement, and vehicle inspections.

      Public Relations (BPR): Vacant D.

      The San Andreas Highway Patrol Bureau of Public Relations intends to enhance and increase the roleplay for Law Enforcement Officers, Civilians, and members of the Golden State Roleplay Community.

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    Safety, Service, Security

    • Administration Command

      Commissioner: Tyler B.
      Deputy Commissioner: Cleo M.
      Assistant Commissioner: Jason R.
       Chief: Tony A.

       Deputy Chief: Louis S.

      Senior Staff Command

      Staff Members
      Master Sergeant
      Staff Sergeant

      Staff Members in Training
      Senior Corporal

      Department Members
      Chief Master Trooper
      Master Trooper
      Senior Trooper
      Trooper First Class
      State Trooper
      Probationary State Trooper

      Auxiliary Members
      Master Auxiliary Trooper
      Senior Auxiliary Trooper
      Auxiliary Trooper

  • General Recruitment: OPEN
    Department Transfers: Closed
    Reserve Recruitment: OPEN

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